Terilynn Williams

Youth Bureau
Title: WDAY Program Director
Phone: 914-665-2489
Terilynn Williams Program Director WDAY

I had my first job with the Youth Bureau at 13 years old when I was hired as a Counselor in Training. Since then I’ve worked as a lead counselor, and as an intern in the planning, buildings, and legal department. My most recent job with the youth bureau before starting my current role was as a teaching assistant at Graham School. Currently I am the Program Director/Youth Case Manager for the WDAY Program. What inspired me to work for the youth bureau was the family aspect of the Bureau. Everyone is extremely supportive, and they have a way of making work fun. My fondest memories of the youth bureau are our birthday and holiday celebrations because it gives us a chance to hang out together in a relaxed environment. In my spare time I like to go shopping, out to at with friends, and play with my dog.


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