Office of the City Clerk FAQ's

How do I schedule an in-person appointment with the Office of the City Clerk?

You can schedule an in-person appointment for select services by calling 914-665-2348. 

Does the City Clerk's office accept credit cards?

Yes, the Office of the City Clerk accepts cash, checks, money orders, bank checks and most credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and American Express).

How do I change my political party or register to vote?

Visit our Election Information tab at for all dates, deadlines and downloadable forms.

How do I obtain a birth, marriage or death certificate?

The City Clerk’s Office provides information about these vital records online.  

For marriage information  and downloadable forms for copies see .

For birth and death certificate information and downloadable forms see 

Where do I get my divorce decree?

Divorce decrees are available at the Court or County (not city) Clerk Office where the divorce was granted.

How can I get my documents apostilled?

Apostilles are an internationally recognized way to verifying the authenticity of one country’s official document to another country. In New York State, the Department of State issues apostilles on official documents. Please see the Apostilles tab at  for more information.

How do I get applications for permits like a Peddler’s License?

For all non-vital record licenses and permits issued by the Office of the City Clerk, please see the Fee Schedule tab at for information and downloadable applications.

How do I apply for a Taxi License?

One must apply for a taxi driver license (Hack License) or a taxi owner license (Rate Card)  through the Department of Support Services in the Police Department 

How do I get a handicapped parking permit?

Handicapped parking permit may be issued for either a temporary or permanent disability. Please contact Support Services in the Police Department for more information. 

How do I register my business?

To register a business, divorce decrees, deeds, legal forms and apply for a passport please visit the Westchester County Clerk website.

Where do I get a Certificate of Residency for school?

Certificate of Residency is obtained from the Westchester County Department of Finance.