Comprehensive Plan

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The City of Mount Vernon Adopts the Downtown Vision Report!

On January 24, 2024, the Mount Vernon City Council voted to adopt the Downtown Vision Report, which represents a significant milestone in the city's Comprehensive Plan process. Read the final report here.

The Vision Report was developed with extensive input from Mount Vernon’s communities over a year-long planning process. The report reflects guiding principles for consideration in the preparation and adoption of the final Comprehensive Plan. It examines existing trends and opportunities within Downtown, and provides a list of recommendations intended to guide future development. 

Mount Vernon looks forward to continuing to engage residents and stakeholders to identify priorities for the rest of the city during the second and final phase of this process.


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Why is the City of Mount Vernon creating a comprehensive plan? 

The last time Mount Vernon adopted a comprehensive plan was 1968, so having an updated plan is long overdue. A comprehensive plan is important because it will help Mount Vernon define its identify and create a shared vision for how it wants to evolve over time in a way that meets the needs and desires of residents and stakeholders, while considering future community members. Creating a comprehensive plan allows Mount Vernon to take a proactive and holistic approach to investing in a city everyone can be proud of.  

What is a comprehensive plan? 

A comprehensive plan seeks to create a long-term blueprint for the community, by the community. Through a series of neighborhood conversations citywide, we will reflect on Mount Vernon’s history, its strengths and challenges, and co-create priorities for housing, land use, economic development, transit, health, sustainability, and more. 

Why should I get involved? 

Creating a plan for the future of Mount Vernon will only be successful if YOU are involved! Residents, businesses, local organizations and institutions, young people, elders, and everyone else is encouraged to participate in the planning process. Those who live and work in Mount Vernon are critical to this process because you are best positioned to identify the City’s strengths and assets, its issues and challenges, and to develop solutions that will shape Mount Vernon’s future. We will be designing a variety of workshops, meetings, surveys, and other activities to reach and engage as many people as possible.  

How do I learn more? 

For more information, reach out to the Department of Planning and Community Development at: 914-840-4029, or email, or go to

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