Sustainability Fee


What is the Refuse Sustainability Fee?

The City has established a Refuse Sustainability Fee to defray the cost of collection, transportation, and disposal of solid waste and recyclables from all real properties.

The Fee is NOT A TAX and is necessary to fund the maintenance and replacement of sanitation vehicles and tools and sanitation-related initiatives to make the City cleaner and safer for all residents, business owners, and visitors.

For years there has been no budget for these expenses resulting in equipment failures and use long past the life expectancy of the tools and vehicles. These expenses are not covered by the collected property taxes or other sources of revenue collected by the City. The fees were calculated based on garbage and recycling tonnage collected, the cost of repair and maintenance of the vehicles, and comparable with surrounding communities.

The Local Law adopting a new subsection 112-c to Chapter C. Charter, Article IX. Department of Public Works entitled “Refuse Sustainability Fee” was enacted on March 1, 2022, after two (2) public hearings and several public readings.

Refuse Fee vs. Sewer Fee?

The Refuse Fee is a flat fee paid by all real property owners to the City of Mt. Vernon. The fee is not assessed based on size of property and is only modified by classification or property as recorded by the Department of Assessment.

The Sewer Fee is mailed out by the Water Department (residents will receive it soon in a green envelope) is billed quarterly based on water usage with a minimum of $18.75 per quarter (a building with no water usage).

How will it effect the City of Mount Vernon?

The Department of Public Works intends to accomplish the following goals by implementing the Refuse Sustainability Fee:

     • Improve the Quality of Life conditions, which have been neglected for many years.

     • Replace all City-owned Garbage Receptacles to address litter problems

     • Establish City-wide Rat/Rodent Prevention Initiative

     • Establish Street Cleaning crews to cleanup blighted areas and assist with Zombie Property Removals

     • Implement innovative technology to enhance our waste removal operations and provide efficiency

     • Build capacity for compliance with the Department of Justice (“USDOJ”), Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”) and the Department of Environmental Conservation (“DEC”).

     • Purchase Sanitation and Recycling equipment annually to ensure all safe and efficient operations for staff and residents.

When will it begin?

The billing has already begun with the adoption of the City’s 2022 Adopted Annual Budget and is included in the City’s 1st half Property Tax Bills. The bill can be paid in two installments along with the property tax schedule. For most residents the fee is equivalent to $17 per month.

Rates for Property Owners (Co-Ops fall into this category)

• Residential Refuse Fee (per unit) - $200.00

• Low Income Senior Residential Fee (per unit) - $50.00 (Owners Only)

• Persons w/ Disability Fee - $50.00

• Non-Residential Refuse Fee - $2,000.00 (Commercial / Business)

• Non-Profit Refuse Fee - $650.00

• Non-Profit Dormitory (Family) Refuse Fee - $100.00 (Shelters)

• Non-Profit Dormitory (SRO) Refuse Fee - $50.00 (YMCA or Salvation Army Housing)

• Vacant Lots / Land - $0.00

Rates for Landlords / Renters

All rented apartments are subject to the $200 per unit fee, regardless of age/disability/income of the lessee. Landlords may be passing this fee on to the tenants in the form of a rent increase or one-time flat fee. This is between the tenant and the landlord/property owner.

Single Room Occupancies (SRO’s/Rooms for rent) by private homeowners are prohibited in the City.

Commercial Properties who Choose to Opt out?

Any commercial properties whom choose to opt out of the refuse collection fees must submit a Refuse Sustainability Fee – Commercial Property – Opt Out Form to the DPW Commissioners Office via mail or e-mail -

Additional Information

Residents may contact the City Assessors Office at: (914) 665-2325 for any disputes with classification of real property status or qualification for exemptions (ex: Enhanced Star, Disability, Low Income Senior)

All payments are to be submitted to the City of Mount Vernon Comptroller’s Office in person or via web at:

Pay Property Tax | Mount Vernon, NY

Only questions regarding payment or balance of taxes and fees, should be directed to the City Comptroller at (914) 665-2442

For More Information:

City Council Ordinance

Phone Contact # (914) 665-2300

E-Mail –

Sustainability Action Plan / Goals