In September 2021, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development announced the allocation of $1,855,473 to the City of Mount Vernon, New York for a new grant called the Home Investment Partnerships Grant American Relief Plan (HOME-ARP). The purpose of HOME-ARP funds is to provide homelessness assistance and supportive services through several eligible activities. Eligible activities include acquisition and development of non-congregate shelter, tenant based rental assistance, supportive services, HOME-ARP rental housing development, administration and planning, and nonprofit operating and capacity building assistance. 

HOME-ARP funds must assist people in HOME-ARP "qualifying populations”, which include:

▪ Sheltered and unsheltered homeless populations

▪ Those currently housed populations at risk of homelessness

▪ Those fleeing or attempting to flee domestic violence or human trafficking

▪ Other families requiring services or housing assistance or to prevent homelessness or those at greatest risk of housing instability or in unstable housing situations

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HOME ARP June 3, 2022

HOME ARP Public Meeting June 9,2022

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Home-ARP Plan

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