Tree Advisory Board

The Mount Vernon Tree Advisory Board (TAB) is established to assist the City of Mount Vernon with planting, management, and preservation of trees. The Board consists of five (5) Members; an (1) Arborist, three (3) City Council appointed Citizens and one (1) Designee from the Planning Department.

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Current Members:

  • Vincent DeVito, City Tree Surgeon
  • Henry May
  • Ruby Olismeka
  • Marlon Molina, Planning Department Designee

The Tree Advisory Board holds regular meetings on the third (3rd) Thursday of each month beginning at 4:00 PM

To View all Tree Advisory Board meetings, agendas, and minutes, please visit the Agenda Center.

The City Tree Ordinance was amended by the City Council on December 23, 2020, please see the Municipal Code.

TAB Responsibilities:

  • Provide advice regarding the needs of the City of Mount Vernon in connection with its tree planting, preservation, and tree maintenance program;
  • Maintain Arbor Day Tree City status, expert relationships, or certifications;
  • Establish educational and other programs;
  • Inform the general public regarding the City’s tree ordinance;
  • Advise the City land use boards; 
  • Oversee the tree programs, replacement campaigns;
  • Maintain the list of permitted trees to be planted in the City;
  • Conduct studies or investigations, recommendations regarding trees; 
  • Pursue grant monies for the Tree Fund Escrow Account, tree program planning;
  • Review proposed new tree regulations and amendments.


Tree Advisory Anouncement