City Taxicab Driver's License

Persons looking to apply for a Mount Vernon taxicab driver's permit/license should download the application below.

Chapter 237-3 of the Code of the City of Mount Vernon, as it relates to Taxicab Driver's License is quoted below:


Every applicant for a driver's license shall fulfill the following requirements to the satisfaction of the Commissioner of Public Safety or his designee prior to the issuance of a license:


Be duly licensed as a chauffeur by the Motor Vehicle Department of the State of New York.

Be 18 years of age or over.

Be of sound mind and body and not subject to epilepsy, vertigo, heart disease or any other infirmity of mind or body which might render the applicant incapable of safely operating such vehicle.


Be able to read and write intelligibly the English language.


Be clean in dress and person and not addicted to the use of intoxicating liquor or drugs.


Not have been convicted of a felony nor any crime involving violence, dishonesty, deceit, indecency, degeneracy or moral turpitude.


Be of good character and reputation.


Complete, sign and file a sworn statement on such form or forms as shall be required by the Commissioner of Public Safety, showing compliance with the requirements hereinabove set forth and such other information as shall be deemed necessary and reasonable by the Commissioner of Public Safety in the interests of the public safety, health and welfare.


Every applicant shall furnish affidavits attesting to good character, reputation and fitness of the applicant from two reputable citizens of the City not related to the applicant by blood or marriage and who have known the applicant personally and have observed his conduct for at least one year prior to the date of the filing of said application, and an additional affidavit attesting to good character and fitness of the applicant executed by his employer. The provisions of this subsection may be waived by the Commissioner of Public Safety in his discretion.

Link to download the City Taxicab Driver's License is below:

City Taxicab Driver's Application