Executive Leadership / Organizational Chart

The Executive Leadership of the Mount Vernon Police Department, composed of the Commissioner of Public Safety, the 1st Deputy Commissioner of Public Safety, the Deputy Commissioner of Special Initiatives and the Chief of Police, is responsible for the staffing, budgeting, planning, administration, discipline and operation of the Mount Vernon Police Department.

The Commissioner of Public Safety leads the Police Department and through the Mount Vernon City Charter, has Deputy Commissioners to delegate responsibilities to.

The Chief of Police, the highest sworn Police Officer has oversight over the Detective, Patrol, Support Services and Personnel Divisions. 

The Internal Affairs Unit reports directly to the 1st Deputy Police Commissioner.

The Wellness and Community Affairs Division reports to the Deputy Commissioner of Special Initiatives. 

Organizational Chart

Organizational Chart - May 2023

  1. Commissioner Glenn Scott

    Glenn Scott

    Commissioner of Public Safety

  1. D Gibson

    David Gibson

    1st Deputy Commissioner

  1. Deputy Commissioner Jennifer Lackard

    Jennifer Lackard

    Deputy Police Commissioner

  1. Chief Olifiers photo

    Marcel Olifiers

    Chief of Police

  1. Deputy Chief Roy Hastings

    Roy Hastings

    Deputy Chief - Executive Officer of Department