SCAR Small Claims Assessment Review

The Small Claims Assessment Review is a procedure that provides property owners with an opportunity to challenge the assessment on their real property as determined by the Board of Assessment Review. As outlined in Section 730 of the Real Property Tax Law, property owners may petition the court for review of their property assessment before a specially trained hearing officer for a nominal fee of $30. SCAR petitions must be filed within 30 days of the filing of the Final Assessment Roll (August 1st-September 1st) and must be filed electronically with the Westchester County Clerk's Office.
For more information, please visit the Westchester County Clerk (SCAR Petitions) Webpage or contact them directly at 914-995-3070. Since the SCAR process is handled by the New York State Unified Court System, additional information can be found on the New York Courts Website.

Important Information Regarding SCAR

After filing The Petition with the County Clerk, a copy of The Petition is required to be served within 10 (ten) days upon the following entities :

  • the City Clerk
  • the Clerk of the School District 
  • the Treasurer of the County

For more information, please visit the Westchester County Clerk (SCAR Petitions) webpage or contact them directly at 914-995-3070.