Sign Appeals Board


The Sign Appeals Board (SAB) meets on an as-needed basis. When appropriate, the meeting date, agenda and minutes will be posted.


The Sign Appeals Board is composed of three members.


The City of Mount Vernon City Council created a Signs Appeals Board to hear any grievances or discrepancies pertaining to the Mount Vernon Sign Ordinance Section of the Zoning Code. Accordingly, the three-member Signs Appeals Board has specific duties that are clearly identified within the City’s Charter. The Signs Appeals Board is tasked with granting variances and deviations from the Mount Vernon Sign Ordinance.

Reviewing sign variances or deviations requires the Signs Appeals Board to examine whether proposed signage which is otherwise not allowed or is prohibited by the applicable sign ordinance regulation should be permitted.

Accordingly, the Sign Appeals Board has been making determinations concerning these types of applications since 1999.

Sign Ordinance

See Chapter 267-78, Article XIII of the City of Mount Vernon Municipal Code for the Sign Ordinance Section of the Zoning Code.


When seeking a Signs Appeals Board hearing, call the Department of Planning and Community Development in order to schedule a hearing. For all inquiries regarding the SAB, call 914-699-7230.