Industrial Development Agency (IDA)


The Mount Vernon Industrial Development Agency (“MVIDA”) is a public benefit corporation authorized by the State of New York.


The mission of MVIDA is to promote, develop, and assist businesses seeking medium- to long-term financial assistance for eligible projects in the areas of manufacturing, warehousing/distribution, and mixed-use developments such as housing and retail facilities in the City of Mount Vernon. MVIDA’s overall goal is to attract and create job opportunities and economic vitality for the ultimate benefit of its residents.


Pursuant to the New York State Industrial Development Agency Act, MVIDA is allowed to issue revenue bonds/notes, sales tax exemption, mortgage recording tax exemption, and property tax abatement to support private or commercial businesses for new construction or rehabilitation. Properties involved in a project are legally titled to MVIDA until all financial obligations are satisfied. Each completed MVIDA project continues to attract investors, foster economic growth, and enhance the City’s strategic growth plans.


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