Management Services

About Us

The Department of Management Services is the hub of the City's computer operations. The department coordinates the planning and implementation of the city's data processing system with respect to the potential computer-based needs of the government in order to promote increased efficiency and economy.


Management Services is charged with a variety of duties involving computer acquisition, upkeep, maintenance, and techniques associated with the operation of the City's government. The department supervises, directs, coordinates, reviews and approves all electronic data processing specifications, system analysis, programming and programming documentation, as well as the conversion, implementation and operation of all applications utilized by any board, department or agency of the city. It also has the responsibility of acquisition/purchasing of goods and services for the City's departments and operates the centralized mail and reproduction services.

IT Management & Computer Operations

The City of Mount Vernon has turned its emphasis from conserving and preserving its infrastructure to expanding its computer-based operations. Computer technology has enabled the City to plan and create new systems that take full advantage of the new and recently affordable technology of our time.

An internal local area network has been established within City Hall that uniformly offers the use of programs and enables departments to communicate by e-mail. Employees have immediate access to information that can be immediately available to the community. The local area network also provides a single line for high-speed Internet access that is shared among users whose work requires the use of the Internet, eliminating the previous need for multiple dial-up lines.


Management Services strives to create an almost entirely automated purchasing process with integrity. Most department requests for purchases are processed through the use of electronic requisitioning with purchase orders recorded, sourced and created in one location.

Centralized purchasing yields benefits that lead to lower overall costs and ultimately substantial savings for the city's taxpayers. The objectives of centralized purchasing are to obtain the right materials or services in the right quantity, at the right time, from the right source at the right price, and finally, going to the right place. Generally, the most effective purchasing agencies establish a combination of centralized and decentralized operations. We have adopted and tailored this method of operation to meet the City's specific needs.

Mandates have been established by the Mount Vernon City Charter, in addition to federal and state mandates for purchasing agencies. The Model Procurement Code and the Uniform Commercial Code are used as guides to achieve excellence. Purchases carried out through federal, state and local government contracts has allowed the City to expand its network of vendors, domestically as well as internationally resulting in reduced operating costs incurred by the City of Mount Vernon.