About Us

Fire Axe on TruckThe Fire Department of Mount Vernon (FDMV) has the primary task of providing adequate fire protection and fire extinguishment capability, initiating life rescue, rendering emergency medical assistance, controlling hazardous material situations, and providing related emergency services. The Fire Department has the responsibility for the administration and enforcement of the fire prevention code and the housing code, and for promoting fire prevention activities designed to reduce the incidence and probability of fire.

Three Functions

The Charter of the City of Mount Vernon imposes upon the Fire Department the following major functions:

  • The saving of lives and property
  • The suppression and control of fires
  • Providing related emergency services

Fire Policies

Administration and Enforcement of applicable portions of the New York State Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code policies in the form of reasonable guidelines are necessary for the proper operations of any organization. Such policies must be standardized in a workable, readable format and made available to all levels of the organization.


FDMV will be recognized as a premier public service organization, respected and admired by our peers and the community as the most diverse, innovative, and efficient public safety provider in the world. 


It is the mission of the Fire Department to save lives, protect property, and serve our community with courage, commitment, and compassion.